About Moral Choices

Moral Choices is a learning platform devised to engage with the ethical and social dimensions of relationships and behaviour, for students aged 13 to 18.

Through informative examples and thought-provoking questions, Moral Choices explains the boundaries of relationships, sex and consent - and how these are applicable also in social media use.

These complex issues are divided into constructive topic areas, endorsing respect and responsibility. The conscientious and positive outlook encourages students of all genders and ages to engage in these evolving discussions on sex and consent across both the digital and physical spheres.

Reviewed by top schools and experts, Moral Choices has been developed as we all renew our commitment to educate young people on trickier topics.

Topics can be selected or deselected, allowing educators to build their own program. Personalisation options also allow educators to add further learning links, and direct students to their unique support systems, should they need to access them.

Moral Choices can be used as part of relationships and sex education teaching; as a supplement to topics in the academic syllabus, and as a positive learning tool for students’ social and ethical education.

Meet the Team

Tate Turnbull

Tate works as project coordinator at Moral Choices, and is dedicated to promoting young peoples’ social education, with comprehensive and considerate RSE at its core.

Faisal Nasim

Faisal oversees the development of all our resources. He is also the Director of Exam Papers Plus, the leading publisher of entrance examination resources. He was educated at St. Paul's School and Cambridge University.

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